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Add Two-Factor Authentication to Active Directory

Unlike competing products, AuthLite integrates directly into the native authentication of Active Directory, allowing you to choose what users, systems, and processes will enforce 2-factor.  Virtually any authentication that backs to AD can be enhanced with 2-factor authentication.

At authentication time, a user supplies a One-time Passcode (OTP) in addition to their normal AD password.  AuthLite validates the OTP, and attaches a special group to the user's Kerberos session to identify that they logged in with two factors.  This allows all your systems and resources to check how the user logged on, and allow/deny access based on whether they used 2-factor (in addition to your existing checks for user group membership, etc).

Some examples of what AuthLite can do.

  • Secure Domain Admin accounts:  AuthLite can eliminate the "Pass the Hash" (PtH) attack vector against your administrative accounts, by limiting the privileges assigned to a user. When a logon is attempted without the OTP token, the user account will not have the Domain Admins group SID.
  • Secure endpoint workstation logons: With BitLocker and the AuthLite software installed, even offline (disconnected, cached credentials) access can be strongly secured with 2-factor authentication.
  • Secure network servers, file shares: AuthLite tags user sessions with different group SIDs depending on whether the authentication was done with 1 or 2 factors.  This enables you to define permissions on your file shares and network servers to precisely control what users may access them, and enforce 2-factor authentication exactly where you need it.
  • Remote Desktop: Require 2-factor access for certain users to reach Remote Desktop hosts (direct and through Remote Desktop Gateway). 
  • 2-factorize your VPN: AuthLite plugs in to Microsoft NPS RADIUS server, and can also be configured to enforce 2-factor for VPN servers that connect over LDAP.
  • OWA and Outlook Anywhere: Easily add 2-factor to your WAN email access.
  • Easy "pass-through": AuthLite uses the existing Username field (and in some cases the password field) to send its OTP to the server.  Since YubiKeys are HID keyboard devices, and soft tokens are just numbers you type in, you can always pass your credentials through remoting software, virtual machine interfaces, and all your normal workflows.  There's no need to worry about drivers or supporting weird protocols.  Virtually any authentication that backs to AD can be secured by AuthLite, with a minimum of infrastructure changes.