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This security group is a simple bucket to drop new users into when they get a token assigned via a checkbox in the token user interfaces (see Figure 2).

For simple deployments, you can set the "AuthLite Users" group here.  If you used the same initial setup as we showed earlier, this will cause users in this group to become immediately controlled by AuthLite, and whatever Enforcement controls you have in place.  This is because we nested AuthLite Users into the AuthLite 1F Tag (recall that membership in the 1F/2F Tags is used to tell AuthLite which users to care about).

On its own, the Group for New Users doesn't grant any special significance to the user. If your group is not nested into any of your AuthLite 1F Tag groups, then putting users into it won't do anything.  This is actually useful on its own, however: If you are administratively provisioning your users, they may not have possession of the token right away. In this case you would not want to enforce 2-factor restrictions on them immediately. But this group still allows you to collect the set of users who have at least one token assigned. Later on, you could add this to the “AuthLite 1F Tag” group to begin enforcing on the users all at once, or move users over by hand or via a powershell script.