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  • Microsoft .NET framework version 4 or later
  • All installs require administrator permissions on the local machine
  • The first Domain Controller install should be run as a user with permission to add/modify an Active Directory Application Partition  (i.e. Enterprise Admins) and add properties to the AD Schema (i.e. a Schema Admins).  
  • Subsequent (new) DC installs require Enterprise Admins to make the DC become a replica for the data store.
  • Upgrades on a DC which had AuthLite installed before should merely require local administrator.


The same installation software is used for both workstations and servers:

  • AuthLite_installer_x64.msi for 64-bit platforms
  • AuthLite_installer_x86.msi for 32-bit platforms

You can get them from the Downloads page.

This installer is designed to be run through the user interface, but may also be installed unattended through group policy or command line


A system reboot is required to load (or update, or unload) AuthLite infrastructure components.  After the Finish screen, the installer will remind you a reboot is needed.

Before you can start using AuthLite, you need to enter a license number  (either an evaluation key or a purchased license).  The License Information screen of the AuthLite Configuration program is used to accomplish this process.