Issue description

In the Fall 2017 "Creators Update" (build 1709) of Windows 10, Microsoft created a bug that affects how Remote Desktop credentials work.  If you use AuthLite with RDP and Windows 10 on either build 1709 or 1803, you may have to log in twice to establish an RDP session.

The first logon as you connect will work the same as always.  But then when the RDP desktop window opens, you may be presented with a second logon prompt.  (No error will be displayed, you just have to enter a fresh OTP and type your password again.)

This problem will occur if your user account already has a session open on the machine (active or disconnected).  Conversely, if the user has no sessions logged on at the machine, the bug doesn't appear and everything will operate normally.


The RDP single sign-on functionality for all third-party credential providers has been affected by a bug added in Windows 10 build 1709.  It also affects build 1803 prior to the June 26, 2018 update.


Installing Microsoft's June 26, 2018 cumulative update KB4284848 resolves this issue for build 1803.

At the time of writing (July 8, 2018) there is no fix for build 1709.

Similar Issues

If your system build does not match the above, and you receive an error message after connecting to RDP, then you probably have a Replay Window issue.

Getting help

If you have any questions about this issue, or are having other problems with AuthLite, we'll be happy to help.  Please visit our support page.