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Secure Two-Factor Authentication Even In Cached Or Offline Mode

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Compatible With Windows Remote Desktop Protocol

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AuthLite Two-Factor Authentication System

AuthLite secures your Windows enterprise network authentication and stays in your budget! Unlike all competing multi-factor authentication solutions, the unique AuthLite technology teaches your Active Directory how to natively understand two-factor authentication. With AuthLite, you can keep using all your existing software, with added two-factor authentication security placed exactly where you need it.

YubiKey Tokens: Robust, Affordable, Work Anywhere

  • YubiKeys work on any platform supporting USB
  • No drivers or client software required; keys act like a USB keyboard recognized on any system for easy Web, VPN, and RDP/Extranet access.
  • AES secure one-time-passcode (OTP) system is immune to replay attacks
  • One-touch system enters encrypted values automatically– no authentication codes to type
  • Elegant simple design with no batteries, screen, or key pad to wear out– virtually indestructible and unlimited life span

OATH Token Support

  • You can use Google Authenticator on your smart phone or tablet as your security token.
  • AuthLite also supports any OATH-compliant time-based OTP token.

Intelligent Integration Options

  • Easy installation into your existing Active Directory environment.
  • AuthLite makes no changes to your users or authentication by default. You configure and manage 2-factor authentication for exactly the users, computers, and services you need, and everything else continues to function as-is.

VPN and RADIUS Authentication Support

  • Use AuthLite with your current VPN servers and software!
  • Supports setting up two-factor authentication for certain users, and leaving others as password-only.
  • Set up different VPN authentication modes for your needs:      
    • OTP and Password: High security and flexible authentication delegation options
    • Username and OTP: "One factor" authentication can be used either to avoid typing passwords on untrusted systems, or to support VPN products (Citrix, Juniper, etc.) that expect the "second factor" to be authenticated separately from the username/password "first factor"
  • Integrates with Microsoft RADIUS server for standards-compliant VPN authentication.

Remote Desktop Two-Factor Authentication

  • AuthLite works with your existing RDP servers and software!
  • No changes needed to client machines' software or drivers.
  • Easily control which users and servers require two-factor authentication, leaving others as password-only.

LAN and Workstation Security

  • Choose to secure users on the LAN with integrated software for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Server 2008, 2012, and 2016.
  • AuthLite uses a cryptographically strong account credential protection, not just a logon UI replacement like many competing products. When you secure an account with AuthLite, that user cannot log in if the AuthLite software is removed or disabled.
  • AuthLite supports cached/offline logon for mobile Active Directory workstations by using the strong cryptographic HMAC/SHA1 Challenge/response feature of the YubiKey token. Even when you are offline, your account logon is still protected with 2-factor authentication.

Easy Administration

  • Add additional keys for a user any time. A single user can have any number of YubiKey and OATH tokens.
  • Lost key or password? No problem! You can still use the native AD password resetting features, and provision a new token easily.
  • Revoke and reprogram existing keys at any time.

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