Two-factor Remote Desktop

AuthLite is the most affordable solution that lets you easily use secure two-factor authentication tokens with the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol! The simple setup augments Windows password security with an easy to use one-touch token for each user.

Users love it!

Simple to use:

  • No client software to download or install
  • Plug in the USB key, tap the contact, and enter your password
  • No cryptic OTP codes to type in
  • No clunky token-- The YubiKey is smaller and lighter than a house key, and fits easily on your key ring

Admins love it!

Easy to install and manage:

  • AuthLite does not require any changes to RDP client software. Your users keep connecting the same way they always have, with the built-in Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software.
  • No drivers are needed, because AuthLite keys (YubiKeys) emulate a USB keyboard. Any modern workstation can use the OTP key with no software installation
  • Server software installs on existing systems-- no new appliances to manage
  • Straightforward documentation and video walk-through examples
  • Expert support available
  • Flexible enough to do just what you need, simple enough to set up

CFO's love it!

AuthLite is incredibly affordable:

  • You buy it once and that's it! No repeat costs for next year's budget
  • One low per-user price includes software license and token
  • Yubikey tokens have no battery or lifetime limitation/expiration
  • AuthLite comes with lifetime maintenance included in the purchase price

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