There are some compatibility implications for AuthLite and Windows 10 version 2004:

-   Due to an API change by Microsoft, Windows 10 version 2004 machines require AuthLite version 2.3.26 or newer to handle AuthLite User logons properly.

-   Indirectly, this means your Domain Controllers should be updated to at least v2.3.26 or newer as well, so they can serve the new client machines correctly.  (AuthLite clients expect the servers' version to be at least as new as they are.)

All AuthLite customers can update for free; we do not charge anything to install new versions.

Update Procedure:

1.  The newest version is always available at  Get "v2.3 installer (Win64)" msi, or later

2.  Update AuthLite on the DCs first, and restart (one at a time).  Note that you may need the Schema Admins group permission to update the first DC.

3.  Then, you may push the new AuthLite version to client machines at your convenience.

If you cannot update your DCs to version 2.3 yet (e.g. if you have any DC's that are older than Windows 2008R2) then please hold off on installing Win 10 version 2004 too.

If you have Windows 10 machines that update to version 2004 but still have an older AuthLite that v2.3.26 on them, then AuthLite users will not be able to log in.  You can repair this problem by either:

-   Updating the AuthLite version on the workstation and restarting.  Please make sure your DCs are also updated as soon as possible.

-   OR temporarily pull users out of the AuthLite Users group, and have them log in with just passwords until the updates can be applied.  Then put the users back into the AuthLite Users group.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please open a support ticket at and we'll be happy to help.