In some limited cases, you may wish to install AuthLite without the GINA / Credential Provider extension. This allows you to use the network access features of AuthLite without showing an altered UI experience to your users and admins for console logins.

In AuthLite version 1.1, the UI added a dropdown field and changed the visual appearance of the logon screen. In version 1.2, the UI uses the default Microsoft interface with a tool-tip balloon added which offers AuthLite instructions.

For either version, to omit the UI extensions during install, perform the following procedure:

  1. Instead of launching the setup .exe visually, go into a command prompt and CD to the installer's folder
  2. Type one of the following depending on your platform:

    • AuthLite_Setup_Win32.exe SKIPGINA=1
    • AuthLite_Setup_x64.exe SKIPGINA=1
  3. You must do this any time you install or upgrade AuthLite, or else the UI extension will be installed.