As of version 2, AuthLite can only be installed and operate on domain-joined member machines.

But if you are creating system images, the machine on which you are creating the image is not joined to a domain yet.

Starting with v2.1.18, you can specify the MACHINETYPE property on the command line to cause the installer to assume the machine is domain-joined and install the proper components.


AuthLite_installer_x64.msi MACHINETYPE=MemberWorkstation

Possible machine type values:

  • MemberWorkstation
  • MemberServer
  • DomainController

Note that during a domain controller install, the installer normally installs any necessary schema updates and adds a data store replica to the DC.  This means if you are pre-staging an image that is not yet a domain controller, you should also specify the options:


(Note that the last item prevents the installation of a replica. If ADDLOCAL contained the term "Replica" then it tries to create a replica)