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Software deployment

See this KB article for information on deploying AuthLite software unattended, via Group policy.

Deploy settings

In a domain environment, most AuthLite settings are stored on domain controllers, in the data partition. These settings are automatically applied by all AuthLite-aware systems as needed. But certain settings are machine-specific and stored in the registry.

In order to deploy a per-machine setting administratively to a group of systems, you can use group policy.  Edit a policy and go to Computer -> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Registry -> New -> Registry Item

If the setting you want to deploy is "CredprovUseNetmotionOrder" = "true" you would set:

  • Action: Update
  • Key: Software\Policies\Collective Software\AuthLite
  • Name: CredprovUseNetmotionOrder
  • Value type: REG_SZ
  • Value data: true

Then whatever machines you deploy this policy to will also get this setting.  Note that the AuthLite Service only reads some settings on start up, so changing its values via policy will not have an immediate effect, even if you run "gpupdate" and apply the policy immediately. For other settings there is a 20 minute cache timeout.