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YubiKey v4
YubiKey v4
Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator


AuthLite uses the YubiKey from Yubico Inc. as an inexpensive, robust one-time-code generating device.  YubiKeys have no display or battery, no moving parts, and are waterproof and virtually indestructible even in rugged environments.  They draw power from the USB port and are treated as an HID keyboard device so they work without special drivers on all platforms.

The YubiKey platform also contains extra cryptographic security features that allows AuthLite to securely authenticate users to offline (disconnected) domain workstations.

YubiKey types

AuthLite supports any YubiKey with firmware v2.2 or higher, including the "Nano", and NEO.  AuthLite cannot use the blue “U2F Security Key” because it does not support OTP or challenge/response modes.

If you need NFC support, be sure to select YubiKey v5 tokens from the store. These are also called "YubiKey 5 NFC".

Soft Tokens (Google Authenticator)

AuthLite is also compatible with OATH Time-based One-time passcodes (TOTP) generated by smart-phone soft-token apps such as the free cross-platform Google Authenticator app.  This is useful for cases where carrying a hardware token is undesirable or plugging in a USB device is impossible (such as authenticating to a 2-factor system from a smart phone).

Other Hardware Tokens

Since AuthLite supports the OATH protocol for Time-based One-time passcodes (TOTP), it is also possible to use any hardware token that supports this protocol.