Affordable Two-Factor Authentication For Active Directory

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  • AuthLite secures your Windows enterprise network authentication and stays in your budget.
  • Unlike all competing multi-factor authentication solutions, the unique AuthLite technology teaches your Active Directory how to natively understand two-factor authentication.
  • With AuthLite, you can keep using all your existing software, with added two-factor authentication security placed exactly where you need it.


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Domain Admin Accounts
Two-factor Remote Desktop
Secure Offline Logon
Easy VPN Integration

AuthLite Can Secure Your Domain Admin Accounts

AuthLite eliminates the "Pass the Hash" (PtH) attack vector against your administrative accounts by limiting the privileges assigned to a user. Require two-factor logon before granting the Domain Admins group SID.

Add Two-factor to Windows Remote Desktop Protocol

AuthLite works with your existing RDP servers and software. No changes are needed to RDP client machine software or drivers.

Documentation: Support/Enforce 2-factor over Remote Desktop Protocol

Secure Two-Factor Authentication Even In Cached Or Offline Mode

Even when you are offline, your account logon is still protected with two-factor authentication. AuthLite uses the strong cryptographic HMAC/SHA1 Challenge/response feature of the YubiKey token to support cached/offline logon for mobile Active Directory workstations.

Documentation: Windows Workstation (Endpoint) Protection

AuthLite Already Works With Your Current VPN

AuthLite Integrates with Microsoft RADIUS and LDAP for standards-compliant VPN authentication and works with your current VPN servers and software.

Or read VPN and RADIUS Configuration in the Documentation


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